The Music

Here you can listen to parts of some of my songs. You can also read the lyrics and some information about the songs. Later you´re going to be able to buy records here as well. If you want to read more about the music click here!

The strangest feeling - Listen in: High quality - Low quality -

This is the latest song recorded. Sometimes your life can change in one second. That few minutes before, when you don´t know if there will be a big change or not can be scarying and exciting at the same time. That´s what this song is about.

To be blinded - Listen in: High quality - Low quality - Read: LYRIC

"To be blinded" was recorded in November -03. It´s recorded with few instruments for our liveperformance at "La Scala" where there was a competition for artists and songwriters. This song is a little bit sad but it also tells you to be hopeful and to take care of the small moments.


The guestbook is now read-only. Thanks for all posts over the years!

A new song is finally online!

My homepage for my graphical works is online! -Enter here-

I´m now working with a homepage for my graphical works.