05.02.10: This site is finally ready!

You can listen to the latest song "The strangest feeling"

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03.11.14: The first performance at LaScala

Springsound (previously named "Spring") did its first performance at LaScala in Oskarhamn. Me, Jimmy and Daina competed in a competition called Startracker. About 70 bands in the south of Sweden participated but only 24 of them were selected to play live. We played three of my songs; "Winter", "To be blinded" and "Before the time goes by".

The audience favourite song seemed to be "To be blinded". We recieved good judgement and the gig was appreciated by the audience.

First of all, we had a great time and we want to thank everybody who came and listened to us!

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A new song is finally online!

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I´m now working with a homepage for my graphical works.