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Springsound is a soloproject from Sweden. The person behind the microphone is me, Emma. I´ve also written the songs and I play most of the instruments. My favouriteinstrument is the guitar but I also play base and synth. I often make soft music with a few instruments.Writing songs is like teraphy for me and I always put a lot of feelings into it.

I like contrasts in the music and I don´t like to limit myself when I produce music. I´m searching for unusual chords and chordcombinations. I often begin with the melody because it´s the most important thing in a song. Then I try many different chords to see how the melody and the chords fits together. I strive to make unusual songs with melodyfriendly refrains. When I´ve got an idea I sit down with the guitar and record it directly in a very simple way, so I won´t forget the feeling. Then I might change the chords and the melody a little. The process from the first idea to having the ground ready goes really fast. If I got stuck in the beginning I know " this is not going to work".Then I´ll just have to wait until the next idea pops up.

The lyrics often happens to be a little bit like sad and tragical stories, which maybe is an effect of the cold and dark winters here in Sweden. One frequent thing in my lyrics is that there is a contrast between a negative and a positive feeling, like hope and depression. If you think you have reached the bottom of the life there´s often a light in front of you, even if you can´t see it at the moment. With my lyrics I want to tell people to be hopeful even if it can be real hard sometimes. I can be inspired when I´m thinking about special memories, when something special happens in life or when I hear a touching story. When I´m writing a song I need to be in a certain mood. It´s much easier for me to write when I´m feeling depressed, sad or angry about something but it can also be the opposit. I often get inspired when I do things I like, for example when I´m out walking with the dog on the countryside or when I´m driving in my car.

The songs are recorded in my homestudio in a town called Oskarshamn. The sounds has to fit together with the feeling and the melody in a song. When I record a new song I often start with a simple beat. Then I add the chords with a sound from a synth, like my Yamaha DX7. After that I record the singing part and the guitars. Then I experiment what sounds fits in the whole picture. I like strings, electric pianos and original synth sounds. After recording all instruments I edit the drums so they sounds more alive. The songs are mixed and mastered by my boyfriend Jimmy in my studio. He gives me a lot of new ideas and it´s very interesting because he notices things that I never thought about while making the song. If you have worked a long time with the same song it´s good to take a break and come back with new fresh ears and also to let someone else listen to the song. Occationally my boyfriend is singing some parts of my songs and playing some instruments. For live performances I´ve got help from Jimmy and my friend Daina. Jimmy plays synthesizer and Daina plays guitar and sings as well. They are both very good musicans and they give me a lot of inspiration. It´s nice to have persons which you can share your ideas and thoughts with.

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